Saturday, January 14, 2012

Polar City Red interview

Hey friends... I thought you might be interested in reading a recent article that came out in Hollywood Stars entertainment magazine about a new book I'm writing. Polar City Red is a look at life after global warming destroys the habitable parts of the Earth, forcing human beings to migrate to the great northern frozen tundra. How will the human race survive on a planet that has rejected our presence? Enjoy the article and look for the book, Polar City Red, to come out this summer.

By the way, today (Saturday, January 14th) is the last day we are offering two of my co-authored novels, Escape to Destiny and Ghost in the Dark, as FREE kindle downloads. These are the first two books in our Galactic Axia Adventure and Young Reader series. Order these books free of charge. Enjoy them.... Tell your friends.

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